Human Capital And Technology In Encouraging Economic Growth And Reducing Poverty In Vietnam Post-Covid 19 And The UkraineRussia War


  • Siti Mutmainah STIE Jaya Negara Tamansiswa Malang, Indonesia
  • Refina Sawitri STIE Jaya Negara Tamansiswa Malang, Indonesia


Human Capital, Technology, Economic Growth, Reducing Poverty.


This study's goal is to examine how technology and human capital interact with education
and health indicators on economic growth and poverty alleviation in Vietnam. The second
data of World Bank data is utilized in this study. We use the autoregressive moving
average model. The research period starts from 2008 to 2021 in Vietnam. We found that
technology and technological innovation have a very significant impact on Vietnam's
economic growth, strengthened by education and health. However, the poverty rate is an
obstacle to economic growth in Vietnam. This shows that human capital and technology
are the strongest factors in increasing economic growth and reducing poverty.