Investment In Human Capital In Promoting Economic Growth And The Importance Of Financial Inclusion In The Russian Economy


  • Yara Issawi Universite de Sfax, Tunisia


Investment,Human Capital,Economic Growth, Financial Inclusion,Russian Economy


This study aims to investigate human development and financial inclusion in Russia. The
global bank provided the secondary data for this study, which covered the years 1990 to
2021. This study uses vector analysis. We found that the development of human capital in
Russia not only promotes financial inclusion that drives the economy, but also provides a
direct impetus to the growth of the Russian economy. The role of human capital is very
important in today's modern human development. It is proven that human development
through human capital investment provides awareness of the importance of financial
inclusion and provides productive human qualities so as to be able to provide an impetus
for growth in the economy.This research contributes to adding references related to
financial studies and human development including human capital. This research
contributes to providing a simulation and an overview of the importance of human capital
investment in promoting economic growth and financial inclusion.